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Roll and Write games are a class of often solitaire games where a player rolls dice and performs an action on paper. Games are downloaded and printed and you supply the dice and pencil to play.

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A Roll and Write version of a game often lets you try out a variant of an actual game. They are available for your personal use and are copyrighted by their owners.

When ready for one of Brainy Games' actual lasercut wooden games, please order from our Etsy site.

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Roll and Write Games

Brainy Games Available for Printing, Rolling and Writing:

  • Scrabblers Game.
    Connect adjacent letter fragments into as many 4- and 6-letter words you can make. Each game is completely randomized everytime. Refresh as needed for a different game. Ages 5+.
    Coming Soon in August 2019 [Print] | [Instructions] | [Scrabblers]
  • Critters Game.
    Critters is a series of card games about animals and their attributes for ages 4 and up. In the roll and write version, a player tries to get animals to escape from the zoo.
    Coming Soon in October 2019 [Print] | [Instructions] | [Critters]

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Other Designers' Roll and Write Games for Printing Only
(not for lasercutting):

If you would like your game added for free, please contact Mark (below). All we ask is a link back to this site in return.

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